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  Policy Management and Consultancy Services Limited a.k.a POLICY CONSULT is an international development outfit focusing coherent approaches to poverty reduction, development and displacement, as well as global trade-interdependency. The center consistently undertakes international policy research, training and analysis in its pursuit of opportunities for change. Read More


   Policy Consult offers world class training and  support services    to goverments, the private sector, and international    organisations. We  currently offer ECOWAS range of support    skills to facilitate the  implementation of its Free Movemenent    Protocol in West Africa. Other specialised services includes

  • International Migration
  • International Trade Competitiveness
  • Poverty Reduction
  • Democracy, Economic and Social Governance
  • International Development Policy Research, Training and Analysis... Read More
   ECOGO (ECOWAS Free Movement Policy and Governance Programme)
   The high incidence of bribes and illegal payments at border posts    are  impediments to the free movement of goods and persons in    West Africa. High cost of taxation and low capacity use make intra    and inter trade within the region more expensive. manufactured    exports that depend on imported inputs are made less competitive in global markets while high costs of trading and exacerbated bribery, long delays, inefficient transport and poor infrastructure yield capital flights and loss of confidence in West Africa trade system. In all regional economy is weakened, movements of community citizens obstructed and rights denied.  Read More
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